Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Weekend Guest

Jeremy and I puppysat this adorable little one this past weekend. Her name is Lily - she's a Maltipoo and she belongs to our good friends Sasha and Jared. She loves to snuggle and sleep and play with her squeaky toys. Especially the ones that are as big as she is.

She's such a good, super smart dog. Never chews on or bothers things that don't need to be bothered. And she's great for people with allergies...you can hardly ever see evidence of shedding. It's awesome.

She's totally against PDA, though. While she was here, I was getting ready in the bathroom and Jeremy came up to give me a hug. She was trailing right behind him and we looked down at her...and in the most perfect display of comedic timing...she literally gagged. I am not even kidding.

Lily is the best. We always miss her when she's gone. =(


  1. Yay Lily!! I'm glad you enjoyed keeping her. Jared and I appreciate you and Jeremy so much!!

  2. Okay, I love Lily! I totally know how you can fall in love with sweet little pups like her so quickly! Glad you had a good puppysitting experience. :)

  3. Maybe you need a furry companion of your own! hehe

  4. Oh...she is adorable!!! I love the picture of her chewing on her stuffed animal. I have a toy poodle and a yorkie and I love them! Dogs are such wonderful companions! :)

  5. Just saw this, Kristen. My daughter has a Maltipoo also. They are really a sweet breed. If I didn't have these very spoiled cats, I would be tempted.


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