Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Art of Sporadic Blogging

So...I started the blog...I wrote two. And then stopped. Life got busy. Hectic even. "More stuff to blog about," stated Mindy (who convinced me to blog in the first place.) Trrrrue, but somehow, it got pushed to the back burner anyway. So, I may be a sporadic blogger. Just warning you...

And the second part of this entry will be entitled "A Strange Dream."

The other morning I woke up, wracking my brain to remember the details from my dream. I knew it was about me making an important phone call to somebody advice, I thin. (I just typed "I thin." Huh, I wish.) I meant to type "I think." my dream, I had gotten this great advice (which I cannot remember now to save my life) but I couldn't remember who I had just called. John somebody. John, John, John...I kept saying it out loud in my dream and in the waking stages, too...fighting to remember John WHO?? It was somebody I knew. Or maybe just thought I knew. Because it FINALLY came to me...John Krasinski. Seriously?? I laughed out loud. (Not a bad way to wake up!)

Yes, I feel like I know, personally, "Jim" from "The Office." I loved his character - and had a crush on the actor - for several years. And then married Jeremy, who is MY very own "Jim." =) Which is very happy. And now, the character "Jim" is still great and cute and funny, but I've moved past the "I need to marry a Jim!" - mainly because I really did get to! (Sometimes I still can't believe it.) And just enjoy "The Office" for what it is...a way to still make me laugh on Thursday evenings. But back to the was nothing romantic at all. Just a phone conversation in which I was asking for advice from a friend. You hear that, John K.? We're friends. It was nice. =)