Monday, January 10, 2011

Flowers in the Snow

For years, my mother and I have each bought at least one amaryllis bulb to plant in early winter - and hoped it bloomed before Christmas. I didn't do extremely well with the tradition this year because I couldn't find an amaryllis bulb until a little later (at Four Seasons Nursery for those of you who live around here - go visit my cousin Adam! There may not be any bulbs left now, but there's always something fun to look at. As in, did you know that Carhartt makes pretty scarves? For women? I got one for my birthday, thank you very much.)

Anyway, since I planted it a little later, the amaryllis bloomed a little later. As in, it's in almost full bloom today. It's superbly gorgeous! And it's got another bud coming up also.

It snowed here last night - it was already covering the ground pretty well when we went to bed around 11:00. And we woke up to even more snow (3-4 inches total) this morning! Really, really beautiful.

I had this silly notion to tote the amaryllis out into the snow for a photo shoot. I was a bit nervous because I also had this vision of tumbling down the slick porch stairs, snapping the amaryllis stem in half and shattering our camera and my tailbone.

Thankfully, this vision did not come to pass. We all made it back inside, safe and sound. Whew! I just loved seeing the red flowers against the background of the pure snow. I suppose it was worth the mental anxiety. =)


  1. That red is striking, against the snow. I'm glad you made the pictures, and didn't break any bones in the effort.

  2. Very pretty!! I might have to get me some of those flowers when I get home they're gorgeous!!

  3. LOVE it! and so glad you did not tumble to your vision!

  4. So have you got a trick for amaryllis? I plant one every year, and only get long green (albeit gorgeous) stalks that never die. Oh, and I revisited your cobbler recipes, this time with fresh pears and fresh dates. Yum!

  5. Erin - what in the world? Huh. Never any blooms? Well, if I have any tricks, I didn't know about it. I just follow the directions on the box - no special green-thumb secrets. Where do you get your bulbs?

    And I'm so glad you've been back to making the cobbler recipe again - the pears and dates idea sounds wonderful!

  6. So pretty! Glad you followed the notion, because the pictures were totally worth it!

    PS. Isn't the snow so pretty and so much fun? Love it!


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