Monday, April 25, 2011

You're Gonna Need S'more Peeps

It's exactly what you think it is. I did it. And I'm not ashamed. I just hope you won't judge me too harshly. Because, well, I toasted those cute little yellow Peeps.

And it was AWESOME. I'm not even kidding...they were the *BEST* s'mores I've ever tasted. And I'm a s'mores connoisseur. I think it was because the sugar coating caramelized...much like the topping of a Creme Brulee. It was an entirely pleasant surprise. (By the way, I made a Creme Brulee cheesecake for my cousin's birthday party last night, lest you think I'm getting too redneck for this blog. Plus, I just used the word "lest.") 

Yes, that is peanut butter you see smeared on top of the graham cracker. Which is my mother's totally fantabulous addition to The S'more. And since we don't have Hershey bars lying around the house at any given time, we usually use chocolate chips. What you see here is a mixture of milk chocolate, semi-sweet, and white chocolate chips. (The butterscotch ones are also a crowd pleaser.)

What a quick dessert! And now you won't have a zillion cupcakes lying around, being all left-over and begging to be eaten tomorrow. Word to the wise.

And maybe the Peeps will be the only ones who need to apply a little cocoa butter for those embarrassing stretch marks. Here's hoping.

If you need this recipe written out, word for word, and a printable link created, you just let me know. ;) In the meantime, you might want to stock up on some Peeps. At half price. 

Hope you had a Happy Easter! Alright, back to tea party planning...and praying for no tornadoes this time. You can pray, too. I'd really appreciate it. ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tea Party Menu

That little tea party fundraiser I've been working on is THREE WEEKS from now...well, from this past Saturday really. So, less than three weeks. Time to truly freak out! There is still so much To Do. Which is why I haven't been here much at all lately. But I wanted to stop in and tell you about our upcoming menu because it is going to be Really Delicious. And I'll probably share some recipes with you stay tuned. =)

Victorian Tea Party Menu
May 7, 2011

Minted Butter Cucumber Sandwiches
Dilled Chicken Salad in Pastry Puffs
Radish Sesame Ginger Tea Sandwiches
Blueberry Almond Scones with Blackberry Butter and Orange Cream
Lemon Pistachio Puffs
Chocolate Caramel Mini Cupcakes
White Chocolate Lime Cookies
Fresh Fruit

Tea Selection:
Rhubarb Cream
Blue Sapphire

Doesn't all of that sound just marvelous?? I'm telling you, our committee tested some wonderful food this year and we couldn't serve all of it at once, so, fortunately, we've got some waiting in the wings for later tea parties. I love when that happens. =)

We also have some wonderful activities planned...I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's paper roses and embroidery projects! The little girls will also have a lovely time making paper dolls and playing dress-up. And of course, I predict that everyone will ooh and aahhh over our fun merchandise in the Tea Boutique. =) Adorable handmade tea cozies, colorful teapots, sweet miniature tea sets, beautiful crystal teapot jewelry, intriguing Teashop Mystery novels...I've already been shopping...I'll admit it. ;)

Live near us in Henderson, Tennessee, and want to tea party with us? You can bring your daughters, your mother, your sisters, your friends! It's often a multi-generational event for many families, but if you only have sons or your mom lives far away, call up your sweet friends and make it a perfect Girls' Day. To dream about what your tea party experience might be like this year, go to the tea party page on the FHU website and take a look at our pictures!

Questions? Email me at and I can help you with tickets. Prices are as follows: ADVANCE Adult tickets are $15.00 and Children's tickets are $8.00. Tickets purchased AT THE DOOR are $18.00 for Adults and $10.00 for Children. The tea party is FREE for children ages 2 and under.

Talk to me. Are you coming to the tea party? Have you come every single year? What's your favorite part? What food item sounds the most intriguing to you this year? Comment away! =)