Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Queen of Multiple Choice

Someday when my husband starts his own blog, I may just regret posting these funny conversations with him. But for now, I simply can't resist. =)

In the car, on the way to his parents' house in Chattanooga - just after Jeremy put in a mix CD...

Jeremy: Who is this? I'll give you some choices.
Kristen: (Already thinking that I have no idea...but always willing to play) O.K. then.
Jeremy: A. AC/DC (slight pause) B. Led Zeppelin (incredibly long 10-second pause)
Kristen: Led Zeppelin.
Jeremy: You knew that because I couldn't think of a third choice!
Kristen: And I knew it wasn't going to be the first one. Too easy.

So, kids - listen up. When you're guessing at multiple choice questions, the best guess isn't necessarily going to be "C." Especially - and I cannot stress this enough - if your questioner doesn't offer a "C." Go with "B." It's the smart thing to do.

P.S. See that picture at the top? Where I was talking? I was probably answering a multiple choice question. Correctly. Happens all the time. ;) Shhh, Kristen. Calm down. Let someone else have a turn. We're trying to take a picture. Yeesh. O.K., O.K., O.K.!


  1. How about fill in the blank and discussion questions? There was never any comments about scenarios or rationale. I really hope your hubby is reading your blog! :-) I bet the multiple choice questions get harder! Great Blog!

  2. So cute!! Sounds like a game my dad and I would play. I'm glad we are blog friends now!!


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