Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST Eyeliner Secrets Revealed!

Don't freak out...this post contains NO spoilers. No real ones anyway...

If you've watched the TV show LOST for any length of time, you've most likely met Richard Alpert.

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And while Nestor Carbonell is a wonderful actor and Richard is an intriguing character, just as many (or more) comments are made about this guy's eyes. Or eyeliner, to be more particular. As in, "Is that GUY wearing... EYELINER?" So it's become a running joke among fellow Losties (guyliner, anyone?) and even with the creators of the show, though there's been big discussions about him just having super dark eyelashes. I mean, check this out. It's a pretty popular search item.

Google search: "Nestor Carbonell eyeliner"

As the finale approaches (and can I tell you how sad I am about that?? Oh, sigh. Heavy sigh.) I want to share with you a recent discovery of mine. I've been happily wearing this Rimmel eyeliner for some time and just bought a new package of it. It had been sitting around on the bathroom counter while I waited...and waited...and finish up the little stub of the one I had already been using. Suddenly I looked at it anew and realized that this - THIS - must be what Richard uses to outline his eyes. It all made perfect sense. Only he probably uses Jet Black instead of Sable Brown.

I know I've been feeling more dramatic lately.

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