Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Musical Interlude

I loved Ingrid Michaelson before the Old Navy commercials featured The Way I Am. And while I don't blindly adore every single song she ever writes/performs (I don't really love Be O.K. - I admit it), there are many, many, great...ones that I keep coming back to. Like this one: Giving Up. I like that there's a twist to it. Like you thiiink it's gonna mean she's giving up on the relationship. But no. She's giving up on "greener grasses" and other such things - because she's going to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work. There's one line in it that just gets me every time. Can anyone guess what it is? Step right up and make your guesses now!

Now, Ingrid didn't write this one, but I am very, very fond of her version of Can't Help Falling in Love With You. Nothing against Elvis...I am fond of him, too. I just wanted something different for our wedding. And this was it. This was the song that the bridesmaids walked down to. And it was perfect. =)

Another one that has always struck a chord with me is Breakable. I really enjoy exploring Ingrid's lyrics...there's lots of layers in music and the words are such a distinguishing factor for me. I can reeeally like the sound of a song and listen to it over and over...until I finally realize what the song is really about or that the lyrics are ridiculously unoriginal...and then never want to hear it again. I hate when that happens. Or I can finally realize what a song is really about and become even more enamored with it. I love when that happens! Breakable is one of those that I liked alot...and then grew to love because of what it meant. Even though it's sad. Be warned.

Moving on from Ingrid...I discovered Mindy Smith a few years back because of her spectacular Christmas album (seriously, download it now so you'll have it ready in December...or September if you're one of those people). And I found that I really liked some (not all) of her other stuff, too. Especially Tennessee. What a beautiful song! I don't think she was the one who wrote it, but that's quite alright. To me, it belongs to her.

You might have heard of Sara Bareilles. She's pretty great. I don't think I've ever heard this song on the radio, though...not that I listen to the radio neeeearly as much as I used to, though, so I mighta missed it. Anyway, Gravity is a beautifully sad song and totally relatable for an extremely high number of people, I would think. I remember feeling that way myself, way back when...whew! Glad that's over!

Alright, you've probably heard of Colbie Caillat. Love lots and lots of her stuff...and just her sound in general. Very mellow. This song - Stay With Me -  is super nice and it keeps me on my toes because I can't quite figure it out. I don't know if she's talking about a romantic relationship or just a strong friendship. I'm leaning toward the friendship angle. What think you?

One more: This one doesn't particularly fit with the rest of them, but I just think this song is so stinkin' cute. I want to pinch its little cheeks, it's so cute. You almost want to shake the guy for being so oblivious, but again, it's cute, so you end up forgiving him. The guy singing is Chris Rice and I have not explored many of his musical offerings because the little iTunes song samples didn't grab me like this one song. Oh, well. Maybe I'm missing out? I'll look into it further. Meanwhile, check out this little gem: When Did You Fall?

P.S. If you don't know Grooveshark, here is a quick lesson. You can click on any of my links of the song titles and it'll take you to a cool little website that plays whole (not just snippets) of songs. They pay the artists for how many times their songs are played. So, you're welcome, Ingrid and Mindy and Sara and Colbie and Chris. =) Live long and prosper!

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