Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Third (and Fourth) Anniversary

Happy third wedding anniversary to my husband, Jeremy. Today, I'm remembering the chilly weather...our excited friends and family gathering around us...the huge yellow gingko tree...the white pumpkins and yellow mums and red berries...the song the bridesmaids walked down to...the hot apple cider and that delicious almond wedding cake...the feeling of finally wearing my wedding dress...and finally seeing my handsome groom. As everyone always says, the day passed too quickly, but I was glad somebody had told me it would. Because I made sure I was fully in the moment during our ceremony. I remember what my grandaddy said and what my daddy said...and what you and I promised each other. I wasn't nervous. I was calm. 

During the three years since, I haven't always been so calm. Because THE WEDDING, decidedly, is not what a marriage all about, even if the magazines and the blogs make it seem that way. It's about real life, day to day. And reality is messy and confusing and difficult. But when you're there, holding my hand through it all, I know that calm once again. The feeling that comes over me and tells me that we're right together. That even though we don't have everything in the world in common, we do have the most important things in common. And today, we're celebrating that. =)

In fact, we're celebrating an extra year of such, because we met four years ago this very week. So, in addition to the wedding details, I'm remembering seeing "Beauty and the Beast" in Loyd Auditorium and eating taco soup with Megan and Mark...I'm remembering you repairing my broken necklace and us sitting knee to knee at the FHU Homecoming basketball game. I'm remembering a nervous first kiss before you headed back to Chattanooga. And I'm remembering that before you came back to visit in another two weeks, I already knew you were "The One." Exactly one year later, we got married. 

It's been beautiful - not just the wedding, but the process of our lives getting entwined. I love you, with much love, always! Thank you for asking me to be your wife.


  1. Ew. I made a "gross" face at the first kiss comment.

    And I've always loved that cake picture. It's like you're saying, "Do NOT smoosh cake on my face!"

    I'm glad y'all got married. :-)

  2. AWWW I love looking at wedding pictures!!!!!! I loved your bridesmaid dresses!!! Congrats on 4 happy years together and 3 as a married couple!! I hope and pray there are many more!!

  3. :) :) :)

    I love that your love is one that can make me tear up with joy.

    Congratulations, you crazy lovebirds. Three (and four) years are really something to celebrate.

    God sure is good, isn't He? ♥

  4. Beautifully said, Kristen, and I congratulate you both! May you have many, many, many more years to celebrate! I am SOOO sorry I missed your wedding, but I love the photos. Thanks for posting!

  5. i love your wedding photos! the bridesmaid's dresses are so lovely... love that color. and i also love your dress you wore on your honeymoon! you are so pretty! :)


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