Monday, September 26, 2011

A Wedding One Year Ago

On a warm, late-summer day one year ago this past weekend, there was a pretty outdoor wedding. The groom was my cousin Adam. This guy can usually be found at Four Seasons Nursery (where he loves helping people with their landscaping quandaries) in Carhartt overalls, sunglasses, and a cap. But on that day, his bride Tosha talked him into wearing a tuxedo - and he looked pretty handsome, don't you think?

Tosha, of course, was pretty beautiful herself. Our family is blessed that Adam found her! I knew it was going to work out when I first heard Tosha doing a spot-on impression of Adam. The same Adam who is usually the one doing the hilarious, spot-on impressions of other people. Yes. It was pretty awesome.

Oh! Let me show you one of their engagement picture that was perfect. See, Tosha teaches spin and weight classes and she's won first place (thankyouverymuch) in a fitness competition last year. And I already told you about Adam, so this picture is very appropo. I love it!

Here's some more pictures from the wedding. Jeremy and I took turns taking these...

Grandaddy performed the wedding. =)

Bless her heart. Tosha's niece Tessa was exhausted 
and slept through most of the wedding on my lap. 
As the wedding director, I was just so glad to get her down the aisle! Ha!

Adam's sister Beth and good friend Josh - or Jug, as he is called in real life.

My dad and I designed the programs. =)

Cousin Nick and Aunt Claudia, who got an "empty" program. 
Now, some volunteers in our family hand-folded those...who left this one in there?? Ha!

Pretty cake!

Pretty girls!

Jeremy and me with the happy couple

Happy Anniversary, you guys! You might have already found out that the first year of marriage is both blissful and frustrating. We remember. ;) And we're cheering you on. Love you both! May you have many more very happy years together. =)


  1. Pretty wedding and great pictures! Learning more of your talents, Kristen!

  2. Beautiful wedding, Kristen! It looks like perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony.

  3. *happy sigh* i love outdoor weddings. :) i especially love that picture of the bridesmaids and bride on the peir at the pond! and that picture of the empty program is hilarious! the other ones looked great though! ;)

  4. I just love your blogs,especially this one. You are truly remarkable Kristen. I find myself attempting to read them all. However, I MUST get back to work. I will be back ;)
    Keep them coming, along with your many other talents.
    Tosha Sanders Cyr


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