Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aprons and Awards

See this apron? The small one in the front? The one with the heart stenciled on it?

I made it YEARS ago, with lots of help (obviously) from my mother and grandmother, to enter in a contest for 4-H. I didn't win. It was because "it looked too perfect that an elementary school kid couldn't have possibly made it." Can you believe that?? Hahaha! Hooo boy!

Actually, I know I had a lot of help, but they didn't do it for me. They taught me how and I did it. I can't help that I did it so well! So perfect and without a stitch out of place. Anyway. I'm not still bitter about that contest. I'm not. I think it's kinda funny. Because it does look pretty perfect. ;)

I got it out to display for Valentine's Day. No, I don't have a Packers or a Steelers apron, so this one will have to do. =)

I may not have won that 4-H contest way back when, but I did get a sweet blog award (actually, two! one for this one and one for PrettySweet: Heaven-Minded) from my friend Heather at Yet To Be a few days ago. It made my day. =) Thank you, Heather! I think you're awesome and your photography is awesome and I think we ARE, indeed, kindred spirits in many ways.

To accept this award, I am supposed to do a few things: tell you seven things about myself. Also I need to tell you about some newish, stylish blogs in my own line of vision and bequeath them with the Stylish Blog award - and course, notifying them afterward. Woo hoo! I love to share! And lastly, link back to my bestower of the award, which I already did. (Note: I thought spellcheck was going to tell me that "bestower" is not a real word. But it is! It's real!)

First of all, to my friend Sarah, who tells us small-town folks about her adventures in New York City at A Georgia Peach in the Big Apple. I looove keeping up with her and hearing about her acting auditions and volunteer work and general big city life. I think it's awesome that she's pursuing her dreams. Someday we'll see you in the movies, Ms. Decker!

And to my friend Jennifer, who just started a new blog for her stationery business at Hart to Heart Stationery Designs. She has done digital scrapbooking for quite awhile and then got into making personalized party invitations and supplies for her three children. Her stuff is adorable! And she has the best party ideas. =) I think she's very reasonably priced, too. Check her out.

And now...the seven things:

1. I already told you about the heart apron that I didn't win a contest with.

2. And I already told you that I didn't have a Packers or a Steelers apron. (And that, my friends, is because sometimes I don't even watch the Super Bowl. Gasp!) But I do, pretty much, collect aprons. As you can tell. The one to the right of the heart apron was a wedding gift from my sweet friend Mindy (who is a pretty stylish blogger herself - but alas, her blog is not new.) She knows me well. =)

3. I hate to dust. And my house tells on me ALL the time. Big, heavy SIGH. But right now, it's nearly spotless...because we have company. The house looks awesome. =) At the moment I am highly motivated to keep it just so.

4. I'm not a phone person. I'd much rather email somebody and they can answer me anytime they choose to. Phone calls make me a little nervous, but they used to make me A LOT nervous. I'm much better than I used to be, but I still usually have to psych myself up for making certain calls.

5. I totally enjoy coffee, but it needs to be a light roast, like Breakfast Blend. Jeremy is the same way - the other stuff is too bitter for us. Also, CoffeeMates' Italian Sweet Creme is pretty delightful.

6. I have been designing my first book cover. Not for a book I wrote, though I would like to write one. But for my dad's small printing/publishing business. I am working part time for him and I am really enjoying it!

7. The craft room renovation is sooooo close to completion. Woo hoo! One more step! Hold on and stay tuned...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. So, crazy!! I was just talking to my sister today and she told me that Sarah Decker moved to NYC and now I get follow her because of you!! Thanks for that!!! Congrats on your award and all of your aprons are pretty darn cute. I think I need to buy an apron and start wearing them. I just really love them and they accessorize and outfit so well!

  2. You ARE such an apron girl! I totally recognized that one on the right. ;) (Thanks for the shout out and link.) Pssh, those people didn't know who they were dealing with. They would just have to accept that Kristen (Hester) Hicks, in fact, CAN make things that perfect. I've known it all along. :)

    Congrats on the blog awards! I can't wait to see your book cover. And don't worry, even though I'm on the phone all day for my job, I still hate making calls and talking on the phone. I literally have to give myself a pep talk to order pizza! Ha.

  3. Such a cute apron!! I love it! :)

  4. Thanks for the mention of my blog and new business. I am having so much fun designing stationery and party kits.

    I laughed out loud when I read the part about your apron being "too perfect"...how crazy. I would have been mad too...lol! I love you apron collection. I have several too, but they are all in the pantry closet. I need to get a hook and display them like you do. Very Cute!

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    Kimberly - glad you get to follow Sarah's blog now, too! It's so much fun to read. =)

    Mindy - pizza calls, yes! I usually hand Jeremy the phone to do that!

    Christina - thanks a bunch! =)

    Jennifer - I really enjoy seeing my aprons out every day. =) My mother-in-law just bought me a new one today and I'm pretty excited to start wearing it! =)


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