Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Cheer: More Than I Asked For

Of course I love the traditional Christmas songs, but I also totally enjoy hunting down some newer, completely original stuff to add to my stash. There's a lot of junk out there, it seems, and I am pretty picky. I mean, it has to actually be GOOD. This song is one I found on iTunes a few days ago. So cute and upbeat and fresh and still incredibly Christmasy.


P.S. If you're good (and, you know, Santa IS watching) I might just tell you about the recipe for Pomegranate Fudge cookies, pictured above. They were pretty marvelous.


  1. Oh, I'm really liking it. Her voice is super unique and cool. I also simultaneously can't get enough Christmas music, and get tired of the same ol' same ol'. Today, a friend gave me Dave Barnes' album "Very Merry Christmas," and I've really been enjoying it. Thanks for this new song!

  2. Yea! I love Dave Barnes' Christmas CD, too - I've played it A LOT lately. =)

  3. I have the same teapot! :-D It's my favorite!

  4. If you are looking for some newer, FREE Christmas music, Target is giving a free Christmas album download away. The link is below. I haven't listened to all of it, just the first two, but it is definitely different and worth a listen.

  5. Leah - yes, I love the Christmas teapot! We got it as a wedding gift from some friends who know me very well. =)

    Michael - I'll check that out! Thanks for the heads' up!


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