Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Savannah, GA: Vacation Tuesday

First of all, two weeks ago on Tuesday was Voting Day. Pretty late in the game the week before, we realized that we had missed the early voting, which is what I usually do, but I tried my best to set us up to vote by mail. The lady at the election office was very helpful, but some laws in this country are crazy, so after I spent some valuable time on the phone and at the office with her, we figured out it was too late for us to vote, even by mail. It was against the law. And that made me upset. In the midst of other pre-vacation errands, I called Jeremy to tell him not to bother faxing in his info. so that they would mail him the form (which we would then have had to mail back in time for Election Day). By the way, it was also against the law for her to just hand me the forms that were sitting on her desk. Big, heavy sigh! So...I was upset when I called Jeremy. Thankfully, he reminded me that there was something we could do, even if we didn't get to vote. We would praying our votes. Praying for the leaders of our country. Praying that the right people got (or stayed) in office. Immediately, I felt 100% better. Somehow, some way, our votes would count after all!

Voting on vacation...what a concept! I wouldn't recommend it for every election, but if you're ever in this predicament, well, you know what to do. =)

So - Tuesday - we'll start with breakfast because it was a cool experience. You may remember that our hotel wanted to charge us $10.00/person for a continental breakfast...we said, "Ohyeahright" and made other arrangements. I had seen this cute ad for a breakfast/lunch place called Goose Feathers, so we put on our walking shoes (actually, mine weren't - and I paid for it by the end of the day!) and headed a few blocks over to the cafe'. Just from the looks of the place and a quick peek at the menu, I was already wishing we had a similar cafe' back home! We ordered breakfast (tomato basil avocado quiche for me - a Belgian waffle for Jeremy) and enjoyed the atmosphere while we planned the rest of our day. In the back of my head, I was already plotting to return to the cafe' at least one more day before we left.

After breakfast, we drove back toward Tybee Island to get to Fort Pulaski. I didn't really know much about the fort before we went, but I knew that Jeremy would enjoy the experience. Guns, cannons, war stories and he's a happy one. I actually enjoyed it a lot, too - my parents and I have always gone on historical tours while on vacation. Jeremy enjoyed it even more than I thought he would. And he's still been enjoying it...here's the link (I think!) to our vacation pictures that he uploaded to Facebook. He didn't get very far - just until Tuesday, when we visited Fort Pulaski. =) He got out the brochure for reference and designed his own little history lesson. I've decided he might need to look into becoming a park ranger...

We ate a late lunch on Tybee Island at a little place called The Sugar Shack. It was alright...but a totally different experience than Goose Feathers! We headed back into Savannah to explore River Street for the afternoon. Wherever I visit, I always try to find a great Christmas ornament, so I was on the hunt. No dice, though, on Tuesday because I'm pretty picky. It would be Wednesday before I would find the right one...

We had dinner at Leopold's ice cream shop, which really does have real food and not just ice cream. It's a cute little old-fashioned soda shop and that night, I had the BEST club sandwich I might have ever tasted. And, because Savannah is the home of Juliet Gordon Lowe - the founder of the Girl Scouts - I had Thin Mint ice cream for dessert! It was super delicious!

We walked around for a bit afterwards and noticed the goings-on next door at a theatre. Apparently, the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) was having a film festival that week. There will be more pictures of SCAD things later, but we found out that they have purchased/renovated 60 historic buildings in Savannah for classrooms, galleries, studios, and dorm space for their students. It's pretty impressive!

We also ran across The Olde Pink House, which is a very famous restaurant in Savannah. (When my parents and I were in Savannah yeeears ago, we ate there. And had a delicious peanut butter pie for dessert...so delicious that my mother bought their cookbook just for that one recipe.) Jeremy and I made reservations to eat there later in the week...

More later!

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