Friday, May 13, 2011

The Tea Boutique

I've just got so many fun things to tell you about the tea party this past Saturday, but well, it's gonna be a little at a time! The first thing that I want to go ahead and let you in on is an online shopping opportunity. We did great with our Tea Boutique sales, but we've still got some fun items to offer: fancy teapot jewelry and intriguing Tea Shop Mystery books and cute handmade tea cozies. And, well, two kinds of tea. Of course!

Usually we just pack everything up and sell it next year, along with some newer items, but I thought I'd try an online sale for a bit. Especially since we're still trying to meet our fundraising goal for student scholarship giving. May 31st marks the end of our fiscal year, so if you're interested in purchasing anything, just go right ahead and let me know what you want! =) And since all profits go toward FHU student scholarships, if you're interested in making an extra (tax deductible) donation, we'd be glad to help you with that, too.

We're not in the online selling business really, so send me a message at to ask about shipping and payment options. We'll do our best to use the most cost-effective shipping prices. And's the link to the Facebook album entitled 2011 Tea Boutique. If you'll notice, I had a little fun with the merchandising. ;)

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