Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tea Party Season!

My newest teacup find at HomeGoods in Chattanooga. 
Love that place!

And look at the detail on the inside of the cup. Cute, no?

Just as I suspected, my recent influx of posts has slowed considerably in the last couple of weeks. It's because of several things...traveling, work, sickness (Tonsilitis, anyone? How about a sinus infection, too? And maybe strep, for good measure?) but mainly...mainly, it's because of tea party season.

And no, I don't mean "tea party" in relation to any political agendas. I mean an actual tea party. I've been making plans for this year's tea party along with my lovely committee and things are going swimmingly. We've been sampling teas and deciding on tea sandwiches and gathering sponsors and patrons, because this tea party is a fundraiser for a university we hold near and dear to our hearts. Our next meeting promises a scone-tasting, which we are all looking forward to. YES, please.

To read, in full, the account of last year's tea party:

This year's tea party will be held on Saturday, May 7th and if you're anywhere near our area (Henderson, TN) I hope you can attend! To learn more about this event and see pictures from tea parties past, go to

A word about sponsorships: if you own a business that could benefit from advertising at a ladies' event which expects about 250 guests, please contact us at You can access the forms and sponsor information on the tea party page on the FHU website. One more exciting thing! Even if you don't live around here but have an appropriate online business that would love to reach our many guests, we have created a special $50.00 rate just for you! Check out the form for more information.

A word about patronships: if you would like to support the tea party (and in turn, FHU student scholarships) as an individual, this opportunity is perfect for you. It's even possible to dedicate your patronship in honor of memory of a special relative or friend. Last year I dedicated my patronship to my dear, sweet grandmother who would have loooved this tea party so much. She would have tied her apron on and gotten right to work with cooking!

One last thing...find us on Facebook and let us know you're coming!


  1. I love "real" tea parties! What a lovely idea. I wish you great success and hope you'll share recipes.


  2. Thanks, Bonnie! Yes, I'll definitely be sharing recipes a little later! =)

  3. That's a super cute tea cup, but my favorite part about this post is that you used the "swimmingly." My goal this week: Use that word as much as possible because I LOVE IT!! Glad you are having fun with your tea party planning!!

  4. Such a girly event, tea parties. And how wonderful to have one to support a good cause.
    I wish you much fun and success!

  5. what a cute little tea party!

  6. How daughter and I did this several times. She is getting older

  7. Thanks, ladies! We surely are enjoying putting it all together...I'm certain there will be more posts about it in the coming weeks!

    And - A Busy Nest - I don't think I'll ever get too old to enjoy a tea party! =)


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