Monday, October 18, 2010

Sparkling Conversation

Before I can continue my series of blog posts on Autumnal Cheer, I must share a funny conversation with you. I suppose I could have just slipped this into the series because it brought me much cheer when it happened and when it happened, it was autumn. Hmmm...

Jeremy: Do you see sparkles on my lips?

Kristen: (upon closer inspection) Um, yes. (the laughter begins)

Jeremy: (staring in mirror with great concern) What is it? Do you know what it is? I've been trying to figure it out. It's there every day.

Kristen: (can hardly get the explanation out) It's my new lip gloss. It has sparkles - this is the first time I've seen it on you, though! I promise!

Jeremy: I thought I was going to have to replace my razor. I really thought it had started leaving shards of metal on my lips when I shaved.

Kristen: (I only thought I was laughing before. Now I am doubled over with laughter.) Are you SERIOUS? No, it's just my lip gloss. I tried to buy my regular mint kind again, but they only had this "True Shimmer" kind...

Jeremy: Yes, I'm serious. I thought my razor was falling apart!

Kristen: Hey, I hear that vampires sparkle. I mean, I haven't read any of the Twilight books, but that's what I hear.

And so now before my husband grabs a quick kiss, he holds me at arm's length to make sure I will not be spreading any sparkly "metal shards" to his person. I do have a new lip gloss now. It's mint but it is not sparkly. It's going to take awhile to regain his trust. =)


  1. This cracks me up! I'm surprised he wasn't more ashamed that he had been basically wearing lip gloss every day! I'm sure he makes a good vampire. :)


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