Friday, June 25, 2010

The Point System

This phone call took place earlier this week while Jeremy was in the Wal-Mart parking lot and I was at the house. He had been next door at Lowe's (his Favorite Store in the Entire World) and was about to drive back home.

Jeremy: Do you need anything from Wal-Mart before I head home?

Kristen: (Pause while thinking silently, "There was that one thing - what was it?") Hmmmm....

Jeremy: Don't think too long. I was only asking to be nice.

Kristen: See, any points you might have gained by asking were deleted by the fact that you said you were only asking to be nice. That was a wash. I don't guess I need anything, though.

Jeremy: (Laughing) But I did buy you some potting soil because I knew you needed it.

Kristen: Oh, thanks! I did need it. You get five bonus points for that. Well, I don't guess I need you to get anything at Wal-Mart today. I mean, I need one or two things, but I'm just going to wait until a bigger Wal-Mart trip later. I guess.

Jeremy: Good, 'cause I've already left the parking lot.

Later we'll talk about how he didn't cry at Toy Story 3...the 3-D glasses were just "hurting his nose" right there at the emotional end of the movie. ;) Heh.


  1. He seems awfully sneaky with those points...

    BTW, he toally cried at TS3. There's no way he didn't. Anybody who didn't is a robot. So he actually gets points for crying! :)

  2. That's what I kept thinking, too, Mindy! He would GET points for tearing up, but he'll never admit it. Or maybe he's just a robot. ;)


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