Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends and Weddings

So, a couple of my friends have gotten married lately and my cousin is getting married in a few days, so weddings have been back on the brain. While a good elopement has its place (amen!), that doesn't exactly make for good blog postings...we're going to talk weddings. These southern weddings have been beautiful, even during the stifling weather. (And boy, has it ever been stifling! We've finally gotten a little reprieve and it's been more than delightful.)

Our friends Nicole and Michael got married on July 31st. He got her flowers for their one-month anniversary...isn't that cute? Love it. There was this one time that we had Nicole and Michael over to eat dinner and we talked wedding plans all evening. We consoled them when there were some things they couldn't agree over. And we all realized that Nicole and I are pretty alike...and Jeremy and Michael are pretty alike. It was a little scary and a lot hilarious. Then I served everyone peanut butter pie and promptly found out that Michael hates peanut butter. But that's neither here nor there. Let's get back to weddings!

One thing I always look forward to in weddings is the music. Do you know how hard it is to pick the right music for your wedding??! Really. I mean, if you want something a little non-traditional in, not an organ-heavy rendition of the wedding march. I spent hours on the music for our own wedding. And I know Nicole and Michael did the same. There were some songs I hadn't heard before and then I ended up loving! And that's always happy to me. Especially since the songs will always remind me of their wedding.

This is one of those...I think it's super beautiful and romantic and perfect for a wedding! The first time I heard this song, it was in the movie Hope Floats way back in whatever-year-that-was. Don't judge me, but I really disliked that movie. It was sooo depressing. And I generally love Sandra Bullock - she's funny and brilliant! And I love Harry Connick Jr. - he's dreamy with a remarkable singing voice. BUT. This movie did not showcase any of that for me. It was O.K. for a one-time viewing, but I've never been able to stomach it again. did a bad movie review highjack Nicole and Michael's wedding post?

Ooops. Moving on...

Oh, dear, one more thing. This version (by Adele) of Make You Feel My Love outshines Garth Brooks' version from Hope Floats. There, I'm done. I hope.

To make up for all that pent-up negativity, I will post some lovely pictures from the wedding. ;)

These were so different and cool-looking. 
Absolutely loved ALL of the flowers!

A very natural shot of the groom. Probably checking 
some sports scores...

Are these not gorgeomous??

The bride wore green shoes. =)

"Back UP! You're totally crowding me."

Just kidding. Kristi-the-photographer is pretty laid back. 
And her pictures are way better than these.

Coordinator Betsy threatening the bride to cool down...
or ELSE.

My friend Nicole is funny. 
She ALWAYS makes me laugh.

The sun was in all of their faces, but I like to think of it as 
God blessing their union.


This dude had a cool hat. 

And despite the heat, Nicole got to have the 
outside reception she'd always imagined. 

Love you guys! And I'm so glad I got to have a part in your special day!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Song for a Birthday

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. Aw, just forget I said is ALWAYS going to be Daddy. =) Anyway, we are having his family birthday party tonight at our house! It's going to be fun times, as usual. I love a good party and I especially love getting together with the fam! In honor of his special day (well, really, I advocate at least a special week...stretching all the way towards a month) I am posting a song that will forever remind me of him. No matter what - because it's one of the songs he used to sing and play guitar to when I was little.

I downloaded this version of Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head awhile back because the song itself reminded me of my childhood....and eating banana sandwiches up in the attic with my daddy. We dined in the attic that day while my mom was gone because we could hear the rain better. It's such a nice memory for me.

Ben Folds Five creates an excellent version in their own right. I reeeally enjoy it. One very cool thing about this particular video is that the songwriter, Burt Bacharach, is there onstage with the band. This guy wrote a TON of good stuff back in the day. Click on his name up there and it'll take you to his Wikipedia page. I'm impressed.

Enjoy! And if you see my dad today, tell him Happy Birthday. Even if it's a day late. We're still celebrating. =)